Just when we thought life could not become more fun, adventurous and unpredictable here in Panama. We were approached by TVE (Television Espanola) from Madrid to bid on a drone shoot alongside their film crew on the beautiful San Blas Islands. The documentary they are filming focuses on a number of very important issues in this protected area of Panama.

After successfully winning the project, we were off on a 3.5 hour drive to the Port. We were met by the port secretary and all was arranged for our 24 hour adventure.

Kuna Yala is undeniably beautiful! But signs of climate change marr the landscape and remind us of our impact on the environment.

Global warming…..   the water is rising! . The Guna habitants of these tiny islands are saving their homes by shoring up the beaches.. with.. CORAL that they are removing from the ocean.  As a result, the dying coral which contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet are in jeopardy.  Coral protects coastlines from waves/tropical storms and provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms.

The Panamanian government is working on a program to build about 300 houses on the  mainland in the San Blas province to relocate many of the islanders. We don’t’ know how long this will take, but is in progress apparently. The Spanish Film crew intends to bring awareness to this issue and we want to do same.

During our magical 24 hours in the San Blas, we stayed in a rustic cabin on Isla Icodub, all meals included. Accommodation rustic and just nice we could fit a wee getaway into a working trip. The job was to start the next day, so we enjoyed some beautiful marine life while snorkeling at the reef, only about 10 feet from shore!

World class sunsets, great company food and wine, evening was awesome. True to their heritage, the Spaniards brought suitcases full of chorizo, lomo, olive oil and Spanish wine for their week long stint. We dined, and shared food and travel stories and had a good laugh. The next day after a long day of filming, we were treated to a fresh (caught that morning) lobster lunch!

What’s in it for YOU? We now have the best local contact! A local Guna gentleman who made it all happen. We would have never been able to televise and drone shoot (note all the no drone signs!) without his help and contacts. I have him on whatsapp, and he can help you with your one day, or one week trip to the islands. Hassle free. Kuna Yala San Blas can be a bit complicated if you don’t have advance plans and reservations. I am happy to share his contact with anyone who asks. Panama is just full of surprises and beauty, the San Blas Islands are a MUST DO!

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